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AllyG: We haven’t told you in awhile how much we adore you for reading/following this blog. It’s a lot of fun to write, and we’re excited to keep it growing. As many of you know, because I insist on talking about it each day to the point where you want to break your monitor screen and shove the sharp pieces up your nose, I am about to be a mom. Seriously, I’m like…five days overdue. Biding my time here peeps. It’s looking like BabyG will arrive by next weekend at the latest (please…please…please…I cannot get any fatter), so while we have plans to expand upon the blog, you won’t see any drastic changes early this Fall. Don’t worry, we’ll still be our endearing and witty selves (well, L-A and the guest bloggers will be) while we work on bringing you more spice.

As many of you know, we have partnered with on a few different projects and we’re looking forward to doing this even more in the future. L-A and I need to get over our stage fright and tendency to turn into Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World during these shoots, but trust that we’ll overcome our hurdles. L-A and I are still fighting over who gets to be Garth and who gets to be Wayne. Party on.

Back to the topic at hand, in terms of partnering with and publishing more relevant content on our blog, we’re interested in knowing what sort of things you’d like to learn about in regards to the fashion scene in our fair city. Are there any local designers you’re interested in us interviewing? What about taking you on a virtual tour of some of the greatest shopping haunts in Hali’? Are there any contests you’d like to see happen on the blog? What about a book club for the monthly Vogue? And by “book club” I mean getting readers together once a month to chat about the latest issue and drink craploads of wine. Are there any shows you’d like us to follow and write about? Don’t worry about America’s Next Top Model. We’re on it.

I need to pause here for a second. Are you people watching True Blood? I hear a lot of smack about you reading the shitty Twilight books (Listen, I read them too. I think we can all agree that they suck and move on. This doesn’t mean we can’t go to see Eclipse together and make fun of the shitty writing in between gulps of tequila) but not much about you endorsing True Blood. Can I draw your attention to the following?

Yah, I know bitches. It’s deep shit. Please go out and rent Season One. Season Two is almost over (as the above advert makes clear). Don’t make me lecture you about watching this when Season Three is upon us. It will get ugly.

Anyway. This post is really looking for your feedback. We love your comments, so keep them coming. I hear from many of you that this is the blog you go to when you are sipping your cuppajoe first thing in the a.m. before you get to your “smart people blog reading”. We’ re cool with that! We want to entertain you and are seriously looking for the best way to do that. So hit us up and tell us your thoughts. If you are too scared to comment you can send us a DM on Twitter or email us at

L-A will be adding to this post later on this morning, so check back when your colleagues start annoying you. I know I do! And by colleagues these days, I mean the ladies on The View. Soooo annoying.

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