How Can You Fix Your Home’s Garage Door Balance and Alignment?

It is your duty as a homeowner to ensure your garage door operates smoothly. In this manner, you can ensure its safety and prevent accidents. Broken garage doors are primarily the result of their cables or springs not functioning correctly. When your garage door is out of balance, it closes faster than expected. This can place a lot of strain on the parts of the door and become a potential hazard for your pets and kids.

  • Never attempt to fix the broken garage door by yourself

You can successfully extend the life of your garage door with the assistance of specialists from garage door repair Vancouver Titan Garage Doors. They recommend that you check the instruction manual of your garage door in case you face any minor issues. Knowing the parts of your garage door to avoid slips and accidents is prudent.

  • How can you check the condition of your garage door?

You should move the garage door up and down until you find where the entry remains suspended if you let go. The garage door must be aligned for balance if this point is more than four feet or less than three feet above the ground.

To fix the door’s balance, ensure it stays a few feet from the ground It would help if you braced the garage door open by placing a sturdy object or a step ladder under its door. This step relieves the strain on the door springs. When you brace the garage door, ensure it does not close by accident if you are working with it.

  • The springs must be free from tension

A safety tip here is to brace your garage door high to free its spring from tension. The spring should not be tight when the door is braced at a high point. Adjust the ladder until the spring is loose. Adjust the ladder until the spring is open if you see the tension in the spring. Remove it from the hanger, and if the garage door shuts too fast, move its spring to the next higher hole on the bracket. If it opens too quickly, shift it to the lower hole in the frame. 

To ensure the balance of the garage door is aligned, adjust the spring to an equal height from both sides of the door. Once you have completed this, repeat the first step mentioned above.

In case the garage door is still off balance, check the lift cable and adjust it. This will allow you to make an exact change to how the garage door closes and opens. You should review the S-hook located in the track support, and when you prop the door open, take the hook out of the license. Gradually make the lift cable tight or loose as per your needs. Close your garage door to that level to determine if it is hitting the track evenly on both sides. 

If this does not work, adjust the lift cable further. If you still face problems, call your technician for an inspection.

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