How can you recover your vehicle with a GPS tracker?

Installing a GPS system in your car is the best way to recover your car today.

There are too many times when we leave our cars parked in crowded public spaces. When the car has an effective security system built into it, it is safer. However, it does not ensure that criminals can still take it away.

This problem is compounded by the stressful and burdensome amount of paperwork that has to be carried out with insurers. For these reasons, integrating a satellite tracking system is the best way to have real-time knowledge of your vehicle and thus be able to recover it.

What is the point of buying a GPS? State-of-the-art sensors and telematics.

GPSWOX explains telematics and Fleet tracking uses GPS satellite trackers and is part of the alarm and security equipment you hire to monitor and track your car. As mentioned, GPS equipment makes it possible to know the exact location of the car in real time and receive alerts directly to your mobile device.

The company has the tracking of the unit on its servers. In this way, it is possible to notify the authorities about the actual location of the car and thus carry out the detention of the vehicle, and even cancel the engine operation.

Moreover, over and above automotive tracking, there is an annual increase in the number of available sensors and their operational characteristics or the type of information they collect in real time.

These sensors, in addition to helping and supporting companies to manage their units, also offer fleets the ability to monitor the goods being moved throughout the distribution and supply chain.

Telematics as a measure to ensure adaptability and flexibility:

As we know, companies are exploring ways to incorporate more and more technological advances into their fleets to help them understand and optimise their operations.

Telematics software therefore helps to unify procedures and avoid operating in separate, decentralised documentation silos or warehouses. More than just acting and investing in equipment, it is essential to have a mechanism capable of decoding all the information that these systems can provide.

GPS satellite tracker offers important benefits

According to statistics recently collected by, in Latin America car recovery through GPS equipment reached a success rate of just over 90%. 

So the advantages provided by these tools are really relevant and important to keep in mind:

GPS devices are really small and can be installed in a tactical area of the car. They are usually site-specific in order to ensure that access to it is not too complex. However, it is virtually impossible for criminals to locate the device before the unit is located by the control centre.

Another of its great advantages is that the installation and tracking of the car is not expensive, since it has a convenient cost/benefit ratio. This equipment is in operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, making it the best security measure to have an insured vehicle.

It is important to mention that its sensors are programmed to send an alert to the owner’s mobile device when it detects an unauthorised movement, and at the same time an email is sent to the owner’s email address. It also informs the control centre, which in the event of an emergency will promptly contact the owner, notify the authorities, and even stop the movement of the car.

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