How Canadians Spend Their Leisure Time

Canadians Enjoy Reading

Are you familiar with the saying, ‘An apple a day keeps a doctor away?’ Well, we can apply the same recipe with books. For instance, we can say, ‘A book a month keeps the mind young.’ Ok, we made that up, but it sounds legit.

In fact, if you are an Instagram user, you have probably come across many booklover accounts promoting the beauty of reading. In case you don’t follow any, correct that mistake. Those accounts are undiscovered sources of exciting genres and titles. 

Most people know how beneficial reading or listening to a book is and Canadians are no different, it seems, with one of their most preferred activities being reading. However, aside from books, they also dedicate their time to their favorite magazines or local newspapers. 

Some recent studies have shown that younger generations love non-fiction books, while, paradoxically, the number of people who enjoy reading children’s and young adults’ books doubled in 2020. 

Canadians Love Spending Their Leisure Time in Front of the TV

It is safe to say that watching TV is another beloved leisure activity, not only of Canadians but of every living soul on Earth. Just imagine you had a long, tiresome day; you came home, picked up the remote, and entered the exciting world of entertainment programs, ready to relax.

When we describe it like this, it doesn’t come as a surprise why Canadians love spending their free time in front of the TV. Moreover, aside from watching talk shows and the news, Canadians also enjoy watching different sports matches.

Online Gambling Has Become Pretty Popular in Canada

Canadians have always loved to play video games and games of chance. However, in the last eighteen months, the number of online gambling fans has increased. One of the reasons may be the lockdown and the fact that playing games online provided the kind of social interaction and excitement we all desperately lacked in the previous year. 

Likewise, passionate gamblers have discovered the beauty of visiting online casinos to play their favorite games right from the comfort of their homes. The variety of online games available today is beyond desirable. And the best thing is, you can play them any time and any place. 

As Most of Us, Canadians Love to Spend Their Free Time Sleeping

Aside from a healthy diet and physical activity, good-quality sleep is the third most important prerequisite for a long and happy life. According to a study, Canadians sleep approximately eight hours and 40 minutes – and that’s just regular everyday sleep. But, besides that, they love to take naps every time they have some spare time. 

Canada is a Beautiful Country, and Its Residents are Aware of That

Canada is a country of mesmerizing nature and wildlife. In the past couple of years, residents decided to revisit the many national parks and heritage sites. It is an excellent activity for all those in love with nature. It is also a fun activity if you want to spend quality time with your family. Remember, you can be a tourist in your own country. You’ll be surprised how many things you’ll discover. 

Your Home Can Be Your Private Restaurant, Gym, and Art Studio

The outbreak of Covid-19 has forced us to spend most of our time, during 2020, in our homes. It was a challenge we all had to overcome, so we looked for ways to make it less stressful. 

Like the rest of the world, Canadians discovered that being at home gives you many opportunities to be creative. Although we have practically come out of the pandemic, some habits will continue to enrich our everyday life.

While some Canadians discovered they are passionate about cooking, others spend every second of their free time on different physical activities. On the other hand, many have found their artistic side and realized they are talented in painting or dancing. 

Inevitable: Social Media Platforms

Canadians spend a lot of their free time on their smartphones, mostly to scroll through social media. But, who doesn’t do that? Social media platforms have become an integral part of our days – do you even remember when we didn’t use them?

We live in a busy and stressful world. It seems like chasing time has become a legit sports discipline. Therefore, taking care of our free time and spending it on activities that make us happy and relaxed is of utmost importance. In fact, we can look up to the Canadians; as the evidence reveals, they sure know how to use it. 

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