how I feel about live music

Carmen Townsend, ECMAs 2005 : photo by Ken MacIsaac

Carmen Townsend, ECMAs 2005 : photo by Ken MacIsaac

Sometimes I listen to a singer/songwriter on CD without having seen them live and I just don’t get it…you know? And then I go see them live and the album becomes a favorite. I can’t be alone in this. I think when a song is pared down and basic like this it is best expressed live. There has to be a connection with the artist and the song. You get that from seeing it performed live. Every day of the week in Halifax you can find live music somewhere. Often it’s very cheap to get in, and sometimes it’s even free. There is no excuse for not supporting the music scene in Halifax. Make it a point to go out and see someone play. Get a few friends together and go out for a drink. By creating a supportive scene for singer/songwriters we keep them from feeling like they have to move away.

We have some great new venues that opened this year like the Company House and the Carleton. And Argyle Fine Art even features live performances at their exhibits.

There is music in coffee shops, on street corners, it is everywhere. And it’s made for you! Well obviously singer/songwriters have an inescapable need to write and perform their work. But without people to support it…well if a tree falls in a forest…I digress.

Point is that it is out there waiting to be enjoyed. It is a gift that is given to the writers to create the work, and a gift you can enjoy at the same time.

If everyone just went out once in a while it would go a long way to sustaining our vibrant musical community.

As I have time I will write about shows I’ve had a chance to take in around town.

I hope you will check in once in a while to learn about some music you didn’t know about before, or get a different impression about something you’ve heard before.

My particular passion has long been for the singer/songwriter genre. I am great lover of folk music, traditional country and western, and bluegrass. But I love many different styles of music including heavy music…so you never know what mind end up here.

Looking forward to sharing my adventures with you…

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