How Locality is Proving Pivotal to Canada’s Emerging eSports Industry

Over the last few years, there can be no doubts that Canada has strived to establish itself as one of the world-leading players in the global eSports industry. Unlike other countries, however, the world’s second-largest country by total area has expanded by staying true to its roots. So, let’s take a look at how locality is at the heart of Canada’s eSports emergence.  

The Contributions of Amuka Esports 

In recent times, increasing numbers of Canadian businesses have sought to invest in the country’s eSports future. Most noticeably, Amuka Esports has been at the forefront of this development, as they’ve continually strived to take the competitive gaming sector to new heights. Throughout the coming years, the North American-based organization aims to build Canada’s largest diversified eSports company, as per a report by SBC Americas.  

Although Amuka Esports doesn’t represent Canada in global competitions, they’re one of the country’s most influential organizations regarding the growth of competitive gaming. The company, founded in June 2019, specializes in creating localized hubs for eSports across North America seeking to cater to the demands of amateur and casual gamers, according to Wealth Professional.  

In seeking to raise the profile of Canadian eSports, the newly-founded organization has been quick to build on its early success, as they have recently announced a $500,000 private placement offering with DealSquare to access capital within private markets. The deal has reportedly been conducted because of Amuka Esports’ desire to continue their expansion of competitive gaming throughout the region.  

Partnerships and Spectator Immersion 

Furthermore, it’s a testament to the development of competitive gaming throughout Canada that the emergence of the digital trend has been able to generate brand-building partnerships. In May 2020, the Vancouver Titans, a professional Overwatch team base in British Columbia, announced a partnership with Pizza Hut Canada that would see the restaurant chain offer in-store promotions to fans on game days. In turn, from a gaming perspective, the relationship between the two parties will hope to enhance the appeal of eSports within Canada through incentivizing viewership.

Moreover, it isn’t just land-based establishments that are seeking to heighten spectator immersion in Canadian eSports. Due to the fact that global revenues for the competitive gaming industry are predicted to surpass $1 billion in the coming years, there are now more betting opportunities than ever before across a wide array of eSports markets. As a result, platforms such as have become increasingly popular among eSports spectators as they provide eSports betting markets for some of the sector’s most popular games, including Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, and more.  

Expanding While Staying True to Their Roots 

Ultimately, as showcased by the fact that Canada is the seventh-highest earners in relation to eSports prize money, the country is on the rise as it attempts to develop its status within the competitive gaming industry. Crucially, with continued investment, partnerships, and spectator opportunities, there’s nothing to say the country’s local approach to building their reputation can’t aid them in closing the gap to the sector’s leading players, such as China and the United States.

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