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How Not To Get Stuck In Traffic


(Photo credit: CBC)

By Kevin Harrison

Of late, it seems in Halifax and surrounding areas have been experiencing above average traffic congestion thanks to the city’s apparent need to do all road works at the same time instead of staggering it to maximize traffic flow.

But traffic congestion can’t all be blamed on construction. We are all equally to blame. Our driving habits largely cause traffic jams. That includes such things as following too closely to the vehicle in front of you, constantly switching lanes to get ahead and driving too quickly.

But before you mount up upon that high horse of yours you should know that slow driving or overly defensive driving habits can cause traffic congestion too.

Recently Toyota partnered up with AsapSCIENCE to show just how traffic congestion is caused using, you guess it, science! Our driving habits are the leading cause of traffic congestion.

They even made a helpful video to explain. Take a look below and think about it the next time you are behind the wheel.


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