How To Clean Your Chucks So They Look Like New

Love your chucks to death? Do yours resemble the photo above? Well boy do I have a solution for you, and no it doesn’t involve purchasing a new pair.

I wear my chucks almost every day, and let’s just say I put them through the ringer.
To say they get dirty is an under statement from grass stains to mud to coffee and everything else in between it’s more than tricky to keep their lustrous white appearance. 
Good news I have a solution. Because I refused to buy a new pair I decided I was going to find a way to clean them myself. 
I use resolve’s “crystal white” to clean my white linens, and my towels, and it does a great job of bringing them back to life, so I figured it could do the same for my shoes. 
Don’t ask me why I decided to make a paste out of the mix, but I figured it would be more concentrated if that makes sense. 
I can’t tell you how genius ideas come they just do okay 🙂 
Jokes aside here’s a step by step of how to clean your chucks!  
PS: you should probably consider wearing gloves I didn’t realize until half way through I usually wear gloves, and lets just say my mani suffered as a result. 


An old toothbrush


A small glass or dish


A plastic grocery bag or garbage bag 

Resolve Crystal White 




Using one scoop of the resolve mix with water to create a paste.


Starting with the rubber part of the shoe scrub away the stains (you’ll see immediate results here), but not with the canvus that will come later).  I have found that a firmer toothbrush works best for this I used an extra soft one here, and they didn’t get as clean as usual.

Once you’ve completed the rubber section start with the canvas, and completely saturate the shoes with the water/resolve combo.

Leave the shoes sit for about an hour. While your shoes are hanging out soak the laces in the dish of left over solution.
Toss your shoes and laces into the washing machine (on bulky) and wash on COLD, and let them run through the cycle.  Sometimes I’ll toss another little scoop of the resolve depending on how bad they are.
If you can let them dry outside.  This can take a day or so depending on the time of year, but if you can’t wait any longer feel free to use a hair dryer to speed up the process. I’ve definitely done this. 


Once they are dry you can put the laces back in and you’re ready to rock and roll again! 

Not bad right? 

Let me know if you try this out for yourself ! I wanna hear how you make out! 

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