How to Stay Entertained Online All Winter Long

Summer in Halifax is warm and rainy, while its winters are cold and snowy. Compared to other stretches of the Great White North, the average winter temperatures aren’t too unforgiving. However, given the temperature can remain below freezing from December to April each year, there are a lot of indoor activities that locals take advantage of.

In recent years, ax throwing has become a common winter pastime, along with grabbing a latenight donair after a show at the Neptune Theatre. There’s the cozy library for bookworms and the Citadel Hill Historic Site for history buffs. Regardless of your interests, there’s a warm place to enjoy your interests through the winter months.

But it can be hard to get out of the house—especially for those who take the time to make their living space cozy and comfortable for the whole winter. Luckily for homebodies, there’s more to do online than ever before. Some will drift toward familiar activities, like playing The Sims on their laptop or Wordle on their phone. Others might simply stick to FaceTiming loved ones when the snow piles up outside.

But if you’re looking to leave your comfort zone and try something new to stay entertained online this winter, then consider one of these five possibilities.

Take a Trip to the Online Casino

When a trip to a brick-and-mortar casino is a bit too far or inconvenient, online casinos are a great option. While some players prefer the ambiance of a physical location, many online platforms now offer live dealer games. This means you can live-stream a real game of roulette, baccarat, and more, which is dealt by a real dealer.

And if you’re looking for another type of game, simply check out an online casino guide to learn more about your virtual gaming options. Aside from live dealer games, another popular genre is slots.

Try Something New—and Not a Language

One of the first suggestions for those looking to try something new is to learn a language. But for most people, learning a new language isn’t entertainment—it’s hard work. However, the internet does have the tools to teach you just about anything.

Have you been trying to learn how to knit for years? Take an online tutorial and get started straight from your couch. Or what if you simply want to learn more about the cosmos and the farthest reaches of space? Forget TEDx Talk—there’s a Masterclass for that.

Travel (Virtually) Anywhere

Back in 2020, millions of people were stuck at home. To curb the growing boredom of the masses, Google Arts & Culture began partnering with museums and cultural sites around the world. Working closely with curators, the teams began to build out virtual tours.

Today, there are over one hundred available museums and sites to tour—all for free and straight from Google. While the graphics aren’t the most intuitive or high-quality, it’s by far the most accessible (and cheapest) way to visit places like le Louvre.

Get to Know the Classics

It’s easy to go a bit stir-crazy when stuck indoors. One of the best ways to stay entertained is to watch a TV show or film. And what better time to dive into the classics that others always seem to mention? Whether looking to figure out why Lawrence of Arabia (1962) matters or what the rosebud meant in Citizen Kane (1941), diving into the classics can be a highly rewarding experience.

This extends to TV shows, too. Dive into the 1950s with I Love Lucy or sample the mafia boss life in The Sopranos. Just don’t get contemporary tunnel vision when thinking of streaming another show or film.  

Just Relax

Not many people link the internet to relaxation. From blue light-heavy screens to the unwarranted opinions of the masses, it can be a tense experience to jump online. However, there are certain platforms designed for total relaxation: virtual spas. Brands from Mandarin Oriental to yoga brand Ananda have launched YouTube Channels and private websites designed to put relaxation and beautification back into your hands—no matter where you are.

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