HRCE statement about recent bomb threats at local schools

From HRCE:


Over the past month, many bomb threats have been directed at HRCE schools. Some have been handwritten in bathroom stalls, others have been anonymous calls. While all threats are taken seriously, these recent instances have been unfounded and incredibly disruptive.

Let me assure you – the safety of students and staff is our highest priority. Any time a potential threat is directed at a school, it is taken seriously and handled with care. School leaders conduct threat and risk assessments and work closely with police to determine next steps. Each situation is reviewed individually.

This week alone, we have been forced to close multiple schools, which has disrupted the lives of thousands of students, staff, and families. These threats have a negative impact on student learning, family routines and productive workplaces. They create fear, anxiety, and worry. They also divert emergency services from our community.

While these threats may be false, the consequences are significant. In addition to any police charges, those who endanger the well-being of others, damage property or significantly disrupt the learning environment will receive immediate and appropriate consequences for their actions, as per the Provincial School Code of Conduct Policy.

We need your help in addressing this issue. Please talk to your children about the seriousness of making false threats and the impact it has on our schools and community. We’ll also be taking the opportunity to engage in these important discussions with students tomorrow. Together, we can ensure that our schools remain safe and focused on learning.


Steve Gallagher
Regional Executive Director

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