HRFE beefs up the fleet with new Quints

Three new Quint firetrucks are being prepped for duty with the HRFE. These trucks provide an impressive array of resources for modern day firefighters in the HRFE.

Quints are large, multipurpose trucks. They carry a water tank allowing a limited, but at times critical supply of water to initiate a quick fire attack before connecting to a fire hydrant. They also can take the role of pumper, hooking to other trucks and hydrants as part of a vital water chain.

An obvious feature of the quint is the large extendable ladder, providing fire crews immediate aerial capabilities such as elevated observation, efficient access to multi-story floors, rescue and firefighting.


The ladder is equipped with a dedicated water supply via an extendable water piping system which feeds a high volume nozzle at the tip of the ladder, designed for elevated master fire streams. The nozzle can be controlled by a firefighter working at the ladder tip or by the vehicle operator at the base of the ladder.

Quint’s also carry a range of other tools to assist in emergency situations, including fans, axes, pry bars and more.
Combined with other vehicles throughout Halifax, these well utilized trucks compliment the needs of the expanding city.


Fire crews are well trained for the vehicle and its use allowing for fast responses.


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