HRFE urges discretion when calling 911 about fires

Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency (HRFE) is urging residents to use discretion when calling 911 about suspected fires.

The ongoing provincial wildland fires in southwestern Nova Scotia have generated a lot of smoke that is now moving into the Halifax region. As a result, residents are seeing the evidence of these fires through the smell of smoke and presence of a grey haze in some parts of the municipality.

Several residents from across the region are using social media to ask if there’s a fire in their area. There is a strong likelihood what they are in fact seeing and smelling is residue from the fires in southwestern Nova Scotia.

HRFE asks residents to call 911 in the event of an emergency or if they see clear evidence of a fire.

It is also important to remind residents there is currently a municipal ban on open-air wood-burning fires, including camp fires and chimeneas. Residents are permitted to use natural gas or propane fire pits when a burn ban is in place.

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