HRM closing West End park where sheltering taking place


The Halifax Regional Municipality has released the following statement regarding the status of Meagher Park and the designated outdoor sheltering locations.

For many months there have been citizens sheltering in Meagher Park. Health and safety conditions in the park have continued to decline in recent months, placing those sheltering in this location in an increasingly vulnerable situation. With the recent designation of outdoor locations for sheltering, including additional supports and services, there are alternate locations for those living rough which are safer. 

Effective today, July 5, 2022, Meagher Park will be closed and the people currently sheltering will have a transition period until July 17, 2022 to move from the site. Many of those who had been sheltering in Meagher Park have accepted housing from service providers working on behalf of the Province of Nova Scotia. Municipal staff visited the park today to offer those currently sheltering in the park information on available resources, advise them that the park is being closed, and explain the transition period so they do not have to leave the park right away.

The municipality’s priority has been, and continues to be, treating those experiencing homelessness with dignity and continuing to find ways to provide support them within our organization’s capacity and scope. 

The municipality is working with the province and their service providers to continue to connect those sheltering in the park with options and offer other supports. Through the municipality’s partners, including Street Navigators, the Province of Nova Scotia and its service providers, individuals experiencing homelessness have been offered help. Many of those who had been sheltering at Meagher Park have accepted and moved into housing

As a provisional measure to ensure there are safe and serviced location for those who are sleeping rough, the municipality recently designated four outdoor sheltering locations:

  • Barrington Street green space between Cornwallis Street and North Street in Halifax;
  • Lower Flinn Park in Halifax;
  • Green Road Park in Dartmouth; and
  • Geary Street green space in Dartmouth.

These sites are equipped with portable toilets and garbage cans. Additional services such as potable water, storage boxes and needle boxes continue to be added. The municipality will continue to work with service providers to relocate people to those locations if other options are not available or accepted.

Once vacated, Meagher Park will be fenced for reconstruction work over the coming months to return the park to its original state. Service providers will continue to engage with individuals experiencing homelessness to identify options and resources that are available

For more information on the municipality’s ongoing efforts to support individuals experiencing homelessness, visit

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