HRM testing AI systems to detect wildfires

In partnership with the Province of Nova Scotia, the Halifax Regional Municipality has launched a pilot program using artificial intelligence (AI) software to detect wildfires in three areas across the municipality.

Specialized cameras have been placed on provincial communications towers in Hammonds Plains, Musquodoboit Harbour and Middle Sackville. AI software monitors the imagery for signs of smoke. When smoke is detected, an alert is sent to Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency for assessment and action.

The cameras run 24/7 and offer a 360-degree view of their area, enhancing wildfire safety through early detection and accuracy. 

As we experienced last year, wildfires pose a very serious risk to our communities. Residents are encouraged to prepare for wildfire season (March 15 to October 15), by:

  • Staying informed about weather conditions and fire restrictions
  • Planning an evacuation route
  • Having an emergency kit
  • Learning about the FireSmart program, which helps protect residents, their homes, neighbourhoods, critical infrastructure and vital natural resources from wildfire

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