HRM: Maximum of 8 tents permitted at Grand Parade encampment

The Halifax Regional Municipality is providing the below clarification regarding the designated outdoor sheltering location at Grand Parade.

Regional Council in October 2023, designated Grand Parade as an outdoor sheltering location with a proposed occupancy of no more than eight tents. 

Given the opening of the Province of Nova Scotia’s emergency shelter and the safety concerns regarding snow clearing in Grand Parade, the municipality’s objective is to reduce the number of tents currently on site to a maximum of eight, especially with winter approaching. Municipal outreach workers and street navigators are engaging with those currently sheltering in Grand Parade to offer assistance, as required.

There are multiple alternative locations for those currently sheltering outside, including the provincial emergency shelter and the municipality’s designated outdoor sheltering locations.

As other alternative locations and options become available, the municipality will reassess Grand Parade as a designated location.

For more information, visit our website.

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