HRM Partners in Policing arrest 19 suspects

HRM Partners in Policing announced yesterday the results of Operation Impinge, an integrated policing operation which spanned two months and targeted individuals involved in violent crime within our community, including drugs and weapons offences.

Over the course of Operation Impinge, HRM Partners in Policing charged 19 people with in excess of 75 criminal code charges in relation to firearms offences and/or street level drug trafficking.

Investigators also seized seven firearms, a quantity of crack cocaine, drug paraphernalia, several bullet proof vests and numerous cell phones.

As arrests were made during the course of this operation, the number of shootings in HRM dropped off significantly. The investigation into recent gun violence in HRM is ongoing.

During this operation, officers from numerous uniformed, plain clothes and specialized units were dedicated to ensuring its success.

These units included the Integrated Drug Section, Major Crimes, General Investigative Services, Emergency Response, RCMP Street Crime Enforcement Unit, HRP Quick Response Unit, as well as HRP/RCMP K9 and Patrol.

The successful conclusion of this operation provides an excellent opportunity for people to come forward to help police build on this momentum.

HRM Partners in Policing encourage anyone with information on the recent gun violence or any other unsolved crimes in HRM to call police or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

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