HRM To Launch Leaf Clean Up for 2011

Adios Halifax
Monday, Nov. 14, 2011 – Halifax Regional Municipality will be commencing its annual Street Leaf Clean-Up Program this week, which typically runs for four to six weeks.  Leaf removal from municipal streets will be completed only once on a street-by-street basis in the heavily treed areas of the former City of Halifax, and as required in the other areas of the urban core boundary of HRM.
HRM wishes to advise residents that there are a number of trees in areas of HRM that have been affected by Tar Spot. Tar Spot is a black mould spot that infects leaves left on the ground over the winter period. In the spring, fungal tissue on these leaves ripens and needle-like spores are carried by the wind and infect new leaves growing on trees.
We ask that you do not mulch, mow or place black-spotted leaves around shrubs as the fungus will remain on your property. All leaves that are black-spotted should be placed in the organic green cart, or appropriate yard waste bag, and placed for curbside collection during normal organic week pick-up.
All residents of HRM are reminded that:
·        In accordance with HRM’s Streets By-Law No. 300, Section 43, residents shall not sweep or deposit leaves in the gutter or roadway.  The potential for street flooding is greatly increased when catch basins are clogged with leaves.
·        Leaves from residential properties are collected on regular green cart collection week.
·        Each household can place a maximum of 20 orange or colourless clear plastic bags or heavy paper bags filled with leaves at the curb alongside their green bin on their collection days.
Citizen cooperation is essential to the efficient completion of the Street Leaf Clean-Up Program.
Contact HRM’s Call Centre if you have any questions at 490-4000.
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