HRM tree giveaway: Potted trees up for grabs

Interested in planting a tree on your property? Join our Urban Forestry team for an upcoming tree giveaway.

A selection of tree varieties will be available including a limited number of edible fruit trees. All trees will be potted and available in various sizes. Urban Forestry staff will be on site to help load trees into vehicles. For those using alternative forms of transportation, bags will be provided to transport smaller trees. All trees are free of charge.

Saturday Oct. 8, 2022

Time: 9 a.m. – until supplies last

Location: 26 Cherry Brook Road, Cherrybrook, NS

Please note that the entrance to the event can only be accessed via right hand turn off Cherry Brook Road into the parking lot. Attendees are also asked to remember the following:

  • Not to park illegally
  • Not to block driveways
  • Not to block traffic

Planting trees on your property or community garden is a great way to enhance our urban forest. Trees in urban spaces improve air quality, storm-water reduction, temperature management, and so much more. Check out our tree planting guidelines before getting started. 

Benefits of a healthy urban forest include:

  • Filtering air pollution
  • Reducing stormwater runoff
  • Removing atmospheric carbon
  • Providing habitat for migratory birds and urban wildlife
  • Improving physical and psychological wellbeing
  • Providing a visual screen and reducing noise pollution
  • Can contribute to food security
  • Contributes to energy savings by providing shade in the summer and blocking wind in the winter

The municipality has planted over 3,000 trees this year in support of the Urban Forest Master Plan and HalifACT. Through municipal investment and participation in the development of our urban forest, we work together to help achieve the important climate goals outlined in Halifax’s climate action plan.

By planting, caring for, and harvesting fruit trees you will be contributing to food security within the Halifax Regional Municipality and supporting the JustFOOD Action Plan. The JustFOOD Action Plan is co-led by the Halifax Regional Municipality and the Halifax Food Policy Alliance. Together, they form the backbone to support the collaborations and collective efforts needed to increase dignified access to good food and strengthen our local food system.

Who can participate in the Tree Giveaway?
This program is being offered to all residents of Halifax Regional Municipality.

How many trees can an attendee receive?
There is a limit of one tree per household or community space.

Do I have to be a homeowner to get a free tree?
No. however, you do need to have a location to plant a tree that has been approved by the property owner. No trees are permitted to be planted on the municipal right of way/boulevard as per HRM Bylaw T-600
If you know of a planting location available on municipal property, please contact 311. If planting at a community garden or other community space, please ensure the planting location has been approved prior to planting.

What types of trees will be available?
The following tree species will be available in a variety of sizes:
• Red Oak
• Red Maple
• Yellow Birch
• Sugar Maple
• White Spruce
• Apple & Pear (edible varieties)
• Other species depending on availability

How will trees be made available?
The tree giveaway will be on a first come, first served basis. 500 trees will be available at each event (1,000 trees total). The events will accommodate both vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
Halifax Regional Municipality’s Urban Forestry team will be on site to help residents load trees into vehicles. If you are using an alternative form of transportation, bags will be provided to assist in the transporting of smaller sized trees.

What if I do not have a vehicle to transport a tree?
The event will be accessible by all modes of transportation. Halifax Transit supports residents taking trees on transit during these events. Barrier bags will be available for transport and both locations are located near transit stops.

How do I choose a planting location?
Choosing the correct planting location may take some time and consideration but planting the right tree in the right place is the best step you can take to ensure success. Before planting your tree, you will need to consider the following:
• Be aware of the mature size of the species you’ve chosen, both in terms of height and spread, and ensure the location provides sufficient room to accommodate mature growth.
• Locate utilities both above and below ground. Residents are responsible for ensuring it’s safe to dig in the chosen location.
• Do not plant your tree on municipal boulevard or park space. We have a robust program in place for municipal property, and the giveaway is intended to expand our urban forest by encouraging planting on private property. Backyard locations would be preferred.
• If planting in a community garden or other shared space, please ensure you have permission from the property owner.
• To request that a tree be planted on municipal property, please call 311.

What if my tree dies?
Trees are living things and can die for various reasons. Most young trees die from water stress – either too little or too much water. Young trees can also die from mechanical damage and other stresses.
If your tree appears to be declining or damaged, we recommend waiting a year before removal as often trees will show signs of stress but can rebound in subsequent years. However, if your tree does not improve, please check back for potential future tree giveaways to access a replacement tree.

How should plant & care for my tree?
Please review our tree planting brochure for guidelines around planting a tree on your property.

How big are the trees?
There are two sizes available:
7 Gallon, ~6-8ft
These can typically be transported with a personal vehicle.
3-5 Gallon, ~4-6ft
These are smaller trees that can be accommodated on public transportation and can also be transported in a personal vehicle.

What if I cannot physically plant my tree?
If you’re not able to plant your tree, you could enlist the help of a friend or family member or hire someone to plant the tree for you.Can I access mulch for my tree?

Please visit for information on future mulch giveaway events.

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