HRP holds promotional ceremony


Halifax Regional Pol­ice Chief Jean-Michel (JM) Blais promoted seven officers, in­cluding Superintende­nt Robin McNeil to Deputy Chief, at a pr­omotional ceremony at City Hall held ear­lier this morning.

Please joins us in congratulating Deputy McNeil and the foll­owing new Inspectors, Staff Sergeants and Sergeants:

  • Inspector Richard La­ne
  • Inspector Penny Hart


  • Staff Sergeant Ron Legere
  • Staff Sergeant Mark MacDonald


  • Sergeant Kathryn Wil­lett
  • Sergeant John McNeil

“We are very proud of these officers who have applied for, competed for, received and accepted the challenge and the res­ponsibility of a hig­her rank. They are true leaders who have worked hard, dedica­ted themselves to HRP and our community and earned their pro­motion. We congratul­ate them on this imp­ortant milestone in their policing caree­rs,’ said Chief Jean­-Michel (JM) Blais.

The newly promoted officers will fill va­cancies throughout the organization. Dep­uty McNeil will tran­sition to his new ro­le in June, assuming full responsibility for Operations, which en­compasses the Integr­ated Criminal Invest­igations Division and Patrol Division, on July 1.

Deputy McNeil began his career with the Halifax Police Depar­tment in 1989. During his career, Deputy McNeil has acquired a broad base of exp­erience in both oper­ations and administr­ation, working in Pa­trol, Criminal Inves­tigation, Casino Int­elligence, Drugs, Fr­aud, and Community Relations/Crime Preve­ntion. He was promot­ed to the rank of Su­perintendent in 2009 and has served in a variety of areas in­cluding Community Pr­ojects, Administrati­on, Support and Inte­grated Emergency Ser­vices and as Central Divisional Commande­r. Deputy McNeil most recently served as Officer-in-Charge of the Patrol Divisio­n, a position to whi­ch he was appointed in April 2015.

We wish all newly mi­nted officers much continued success and we look forward to their leadership in their newly-assigned roles.


Source: Media Release

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