HRP issues statement on police operations yesterday


Yesterday, an operation was carried out by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in a number of areas in the Halifax Regional Police (HRP) jurisdiction. Members of the public, elected officials and media have raised questions about HRP’s awareness of the operation. Select officials within HRP were made aware that an operation was expected to take place at an undetermined time; however, as can often be the case with sensitive federal investigations and operations, HRP were not provided any specific details or locations within our jurisdiction.  We facilitated connecting media and members of the public with RCMP Nova Scotia media relations once the operation got underway and once, we became aware of the specific nature and public impact of it. However, the expectation had been that any public communication plan on the operation would be the responsibility of the agency running the operation.

We ask that all inquiries about the operation and its public communication be directed to the RCMP.

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