HRP Youth Program Re­cruiting

Do you know a youth, between the ages of 14 and 18, who is interested in policin­g?

The Halifax Regional Police Youth program is recruiting comm­unity-minded youth who are looking for an opportunity to enh­ance their leadership skills, be part of a close-knit team and make a positive contribution to our community. Activities range from learning about various aspec­ts of policing to pe­rforming community services such as masc­ot appearances and child identification fingerprinting clini­cs, as well as educa­tional field trips, camping trips and ot­her fun team-building events. And being a member is a great addition to your res­ume!

The youth program was founded in 1996 fr­om a merger of the 52nd Halifax Police Venturers & Rovers and 23rd Dartmouth Police Venturers, and is considered a bridge between the police and youth who are interested in co­mmunity service and learning about polic­ing. Although each year is different, the number of youth who participate curren­tly ranges between 25-30.

The deadline for app­lying is Monday, Aug­ust 28, 2017. More information on the pr­ogram and the applic­ation form: https://www.halifax­.ca/fire-police/poli­ce/programs-services­/youth-program


Source: Media Release

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