I Am Okay!!!!

Could barely muster up the strength to get out of the car when I got home, but okay!  I am pretty freaking proud of myself actually! ;)  Still a little red in the face but nothing beats that awesome post-run high!

I took it slow, 10:1s.  The first 13K were fairly easy.  I had some goo after 5K and again after 10K.  They were two different brands, the first one was Clif and it didn’t seem to make any difference, the second Gu, made a HUGE difference (and tasted like I was eating chocolate frosting too!)   

I got to the Public Gardens and decided that would be a fun change of scenery….. until the park police caught up with me.  I had no idea you weren’t allowed to run in the PG’s, did you guys?  Snapped a few pics on the Crackberry but apparently my camera settings got messed up, these aren’t the best quality.  Was a pretty day…

Mr. Sun had come out and I was feeling hot; had some water and walked for a few minutes.  I walked the whole University Avenue block.  That was okay.

After that I did my best and managed with smaller intervals.  Once I hit Point Pleasant Park I gave it my all. At this point I knew I had it and was just sooo happy.  I couldn’t believe that I did it all solo.  Well, I guess I should credit Jillian a little, went through two of her podcasts and then ran the last little bit with music.

Had a little fun tweeting along the way….. you guys were awesome cheerleaders!!

When I finally went through the gates at the parking lot I screamed and jumped around.  No lie. :)  What a great feeling! 

Came home to some food.  I was really hungry.  Mr. Polars says I burnt over 2000 calories on my run.  Obviously needed to re-fuel and the mini Larabar I had wasn’t cutting it.  Hubby had lunch all ready.

Cheese taters.

Fried eggs.  Sorry Amy, I know twice in one day…. 😉

Plus cofffffffeeeeeeeeee!

My overall thoughts are that yes, the Half is going to be hard but not impossible. I might not have the best time but I will still complete it and and go through that finish line with a huge smile and tears running down my cheeks.

Thanks for all your amazing support this morning, really couldn’t have done it with out ya!  

I’m going to chill out now. xoxo

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