I can almost taste the martini(s)

AllyG: All week, L-A and I have been DMing and emailing about our 1st birthday party tomorrow night. Some exchanges include:

DM from L-A to Ally: Do you happen to own a plastic tiara? I only have one at home.

DM from Ally to L-A: Sh*t motherf***er. I need to get my hair done before this party.

We’ve been slightly anxious about what we are actually going to wear to our party. The reality is that we write a blog about fashion, so we can’t show up wearing Le Chateau’s Spring 2007 line. Our anxiety made us realize that our readers may be anxious about their outfits. Please don’t be! Seriously, L-A is going to be so off her face on gin that she’ll be sitting in the corner with her tiara slightly tilted waving to people like she’s on a float in the Miss KlassyPanty Parade. I’m going to be so excited to be actually out of my house that I may squeel out of my driveway wearing my daily uniform of leggings and a hooded sweatshirt.

Ok, that’s a total lie…I’ve purchased a new oufit with my H&M gift certificate. What? I was waiting for a special occasion to use it. Do you know that this was my FIRST TIME at H&M? It was tough to enjoy it because I went over to Mic Mac with my husband and baby and I spent 10 minutes running around the store pulling anything that looked decent off the rack while my husband made the “wrap it up” sign with his hands from out front of the store. It was just like the clothing challenge on ANTM Cycle 8:

Except my outfit turned out hotter. I won’t share with you which dress I bought because I know all of you hate spoiler alerts, but let’s just say if any of you show up in a grey tank dress from H&M with pastel ruffles below the waist prepare to have cake in your face. Same goes if you wear Marc Fisher nude pumps from John David Shoes.

I also had a $60 gift certificate to Joanne David Accessories . With the help of a très talented salesperson I was able to find a necklace, bracelet and earrings to match my dress. I decided to embrace one of the trends for spring 2010 and sport the heavy chain theme. The Vogue Guide tells me this is the right thing to do. I had to pay the $10.06 difference but I figured that was a bargain considering the metal I was bringing home.

Speaking of Joanne David, they have the bib necklaces (another hot trend for Spring 2010). I wasn’t a huge fan previously, probably because I’m not into sharing clothes with my baby. Having seen them live and in-person at the store, I think I may be coming around.


Whaddya think, readers?

To sum, while we will look all kinds of glamourous, our party is…how do we say…budget.

We don’t want you to think you will be prancing about on a red carpet, with L-A and I handing you a glass of bubbly as you make your way through the door.  That’s not until our second birthday.

We’ll have cake, and a door prize! However, the finger food will be minimal and as much as we would love to have free sauce drinks for everyone, we’re a non-profit blog (for now!) so we urge you to bring some cash money to buy your hot selves some martinis.  The good news is that we chose to have our party during Happy Hour at Mosaic. Cheap drinks! We’re both pretty and smart.

You may also be wondering why we are not talking about Atlantic Fashion Week Spring 2010. It’s because we suck. Basically. L-A is excused because she is working the Crafters fair this weekend (I’ll let her tell you about that). My excuse is that I have been sick for the last month and didn’t get my ass in gear to arrange a media pass. This is pretty ridiculous since we are a fashion blog based in Halifax and we aren’t giving any love to local designers. It’s all kinds of embarassing and doesn’t help our case to be taken seriously as a fashion entity in the city. I can promise that we will try not to let this happen again, as we do really want to bring you good quality local content.


L-A: To tell the truth, I own two tiaras. But I’ve decided that we should have the gross plastic shizz tiaras and not the smaller, klassier variety that I purchased in Disneyland. Fortunately, my girl J.Lau is a princess and therefore has at least four tiaras at all times.  You think I’m kidding, but I’m not. Every girl and boy should own at least one tiara: you never know when you might need one.

I second Ally’s mea culpa about AFW. We really should have been there for this spring show, but my list of excuses includes one nasty headcold, two part-time jobs (which equals a full time job, time wise), and a whole lot of sock monkeys.  I know that sock monkeys is a weird excuse, but it’s my mini-crafty business (and it’s why my addition to this post is going to be short – I have a stack of monkey mouths to embroider) and the very awesome Halifax Crafters is happening on Saturday and Sunday. But you should try to get tickets to see our local talent. Having been to the fall show, I highly recommend going.  These designers have serious skills. And if you wear your sunglasses indoors, you can pretend you’re Anna Wintour.

If you go to the emerging designer show (after our party on Thursday), be sure to watch out for Chloé Comme Parris – I know a few of you will die for their accessories.  The Friday show includes three of my favourites: Veronica MacIsaac, Sunsets on the Eastside and Orphanage.  If you go, take some snaps and email us. We’ll make you an Official Guest Blogger…maybe even an Official Intern.

Anyway, I’ve got monkeys to make. Hopefully I’ll manage to pull an outfit together for Thursday. I will totally be putting on makeup at work and hoping to god that my hair doesn’t fall completely flat (I might need bumpits).  As for Ally, this will be her by 5:30pm:

That’s right. A blousy drunk. But a very pretty blousy drunk.  Sorry, we didn’t invite Josh Groban.

Trouble in New York City – Hit and Mrs by Lesley Crewe

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