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I hope LA is sitting down. I have developed a love for rain boots.

Ally: I am currently on Charlie Sheen watch. Every minute counts. Have you seen this? If his acting career fails (which it just might after this), I hope he takes up copywriting, because this is marketing gold.

In addition to anxiously awaiting Charlie Sheen updates, I am also on the look-out for signs of spring. Have you noticed it’s getting lighter out at night? This is exciting! END OF FLU SEASON! Rejoice!!

My love for warmer weather has brought about a new appreciation for things I used to hate. This includes rain boots and rain jackets. I’ll take the rain. Just take my sinus infection in exchange.

Lookey! Marc Jacobs!


I like me some colour, so these are very fetching:



The above boots are Plueys.  Perhaps LA, with her vast expertise on rain boot apparel can enlighten us on whether you can purchase in Canada. I’m too lazy to Google.

I also want a cute trench coat. My February Vogue showcased some lovely options that I will never be able to afford.

The red. J'adore.


Jil Sander, the red, the one I want.

Closer to home, I might try to expand my horizons past my current shopping focus (Garage). Winners might be the best bet.

L-A will likely barf at this, but I have developed a love for shopping online at Forever 21 Canada! This might be my next purchase:

Inspector Gadget!

L-A, are you proud of me?

L-A: Sweet mary mother of god! Who are you and what have you done with my Ally?

I’m not kidding. I don’t know what the doctor prescribed you, but I think I like it. Rainboots? Adorable trenches? If I didn’t agree so damn much, I’d be scared that you’re infringing on my schtick. I feel like I should counter with something like “blahblahblah rainboots! I hate rainboots! Let’s look at these:”

bahahaha…I kid. I acutally hate these.


Instead, I am with you on the rainboot love. Not that this should be a surprise for anyone. I have been all over the rainboots since before they were cute and cool. People have given me head tilts over my rainboots. That’s commitment to dry feet, my friends. Commitment!

I’m currently eyeing what may be the trifecta of rainboots: Liberty of London for Aigle sold at Anthropologie.

can I get a what what?


The idea of those three things in one boot makes me spinny with glee. Plus I like purple. And I need rainboots. Are you listening Easter Bunny? You best deliver those in my basket, because my boots have a serious hole in them. And they are $198, which is not in the budget right now. This will have to be a rainboot free spring. In the meantime, I’ll covet rainboots and window shop for them online.  I did investigate the Plueys (for window shopping purposes). They have international shipping. Or you can buy them from a spot in Vancouver called GumDrops, which appears to specialize in rainy day wear and therefore perfect for a city like Halifax.

Speaking of spring, is it almost here? I was driving home with my car pool today and it was sunny and we hit up a drive through and we were singing along to the radio and it was awesome. I felt the weight of winter lifting. I felt…what is that feeling again? Oh! I know! Happy! I was vitamin D happy. It inspired me to wear sneakers out tonight instead of boots. I haven’t worn anything other than boots outside for months. It was a weird feeling under my feet. I’m even feeling like I may be able to start running again. Which would be exciting, except I hate running.

Anyway, totally off topic, but I just wanted to share something from one of my latest favourite TV shows:


guess who just got herself a new Pretend Boyfriend?

You can thank You Know You Love Fashion for the screencap from Pretty Little Liars. Total escapism into teen TV shows are maybe the only thing getting me through these long winter months.

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