I Love Nova Scotia!

My video, Rap Ditty Nova Scotia, is up and awaiting your vote:) I must first say that it is a bit primitive. Poor audio and picture quality and on my computer it bucks and jumps and the pics lag behind the sound:( I hope that’s just on my computer because the finished video was absolutely fine in terms of pics and sound synching up. What it lacks in quality it makes up for in SPIRIT! Yay! Nova Scotia!

Maybe let the video load a bit before pressing start? Send the link to your friends and family, vote once a day! Help this gal win a big Nova Scotia party to which, of course, you will all be invited! Really! I have no idea how to get over 20,000 legitimate votes but I can just do the best I can. Any ideas? Any creative marketing folk out there? Also, let me know if it runs smoothly on your machine!
There is a cast of 58 in this wee video:) Thanks to all who participated:)
Here is the link!! Vote then to scroll down to lock in your vote:) Thanks!
Rap Ditty Nova Scotia

Shark tattoo done at Oceanic Art Custom Tattooing in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Click photo to see more tatts.

Tattoo raffle to raise money for Children’s Wish

QOTD: Harbour Stinkiness?