I’m Hungry: Easy Fish Tacos

We were planning on sharing some festive recipes like these candy cane milk shooters or this cheese ball gift and more, but then we had a week filled with school concerts, work parties and family gatherings which made for lots of busy nights without a meal plan…eeek!  Just in case some of you are in the same boat, we thought an easy dinner recipe might come in handy right about now, and what’s more fun that fish tacos?

These healthy fish tacos from Recipe Girl are fresh, easy and (hopefully) something the kids will enjoy!  

I'm Hungry: Easy Fish Tacos


Kraft Canada packs a little kick with it’s version of fish tacos with a marinade that you can make in advance.

I'm Hungry: Easy Fish Tacos


For a little more crunch, check out this recipe from Betty Crocker which uses breaded fish filets and hard taco shells.

I'm Hungry: Easy Fish Tacos

Which ever version you choose to make, we hope it helps get dinner on the table in a hurry during this busy time of year.  Cheers.

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/hrmparent/CLkz/~3/hhcx4ahKNdA/

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