I shouldn’t be allowed to shop alone: Mel’s vest

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Mel: Unless you’re very strict and disciplined in your wardrobe, I’m willing to bet there are more than a few articles of clothing in your collection you just never wear.

File these under the “what was I thinking” or “I should never be allowed to shop alone”  category.

I will admit, I seem to have a penchant for these articles of clothing more than the average person.

I constantly buy shit that I try on, know very well I’ll never wear and have a moment of temporary insanity and think “oh no, I’ll totally wear this *insert random article of clothing*. Yeah, totally. I can branch out and stuff. It will shake up my wardrobe for sure!”

Yeah right.

My most recent acquisition of “WTF was I thinking” is a black cotton flowy vest not unlike the following:

Cute outfit right? (And my vest is very similar, except black.)

Right. But totally not something I would ever wear in a million years.

This vest was on the cheaper side of my fashion missteps as it was purchased at Tag (which, sidenote, had great stuff! I got a black cotton dress that I will definitely wear for $20!) But still. What a waste of $25. You know how much wine I could have bought? Or that money could have been spent on a less useless article of clothing, one that I would actually wear.

And yet, this vest hangs in my closet. Where it will continue to hang until in a moment of clarity/frustration, I put it in the “to donate” bag.

It’s not that it’s not nice, it’s just not me. I think it makes me look ridiculous. This is a sentiment I fully admit exists solely in my head most likely. But still it’s just not my style.

Even as I was taking said vest to the cash register to purchase, the Voice of Reason inside my head was screaming “PUT IT BACK. THAT’S NEARLY A BOX OF WINE!” I handed over my debit card and walked away with this stupid vest.

Shake up my wardrobe my ass…..

In other news, I have a new, never worn black vest that I  would be down for swapping for something a little more my style……..


L-A: Should you have such a piece that you never wear and want to put out into the world as a reason you shouldn’t shop alone, please email us with pictures of said item. Then you and Mel can talk swapping. Meanwhile, I’m going to go look through my closet because I know I have such an item. Or two.

Source: http://fashionablethings.com/2011/08/08/i-shouldnt-shop-alone-mels-vest/

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