IMMIGRATION—-Immigration Leaders Focused on Collaboration

Federal, provincial and territorial ministers met this week to discuss ways to ensure a fast, flexible and efficient immigration system to meet the needs of Canada, provinces and territories.

Immigration Minister Lena Metlege Diab attended the meeting in Toronto, which wrapped this evening, Sept. 15.

Ministers agreed to develop a federal-provincial-territorial action plan to address how settlement priorities are set and how information is shared among levels of government. They also agreed to develop a multi-year plan for immigration levels to address ongoing labour market demands faced by provinces and territories. Levels for 2018 will be identified later this year.

“I appreciate the collaboration Canada is extending to the provinces on immigration,” said Ms. Diab. “Increased immigration levels would allow us to continue to attract more newcomers to Nova Scotia to live and work. This is key to population growth, revitalizing our communities and helping employers fill persistent labour gaps. Growing our economy, for the benefit of all Nova Scotians, is a top priority.”

Other key discussions at the meeting included promoting increased Francophone immigration outside of Quebec and the development of a pan-Canadian approach to dealing with asylum seekers.

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