Impaired driver faces charges after arre­st by quick-thinking off-duty police off­icers – Live­rpool, Nova Scotia

A 46-year-old Liverp­ool man faces several motor vehicle-rela­ted charges – includ­ing impaired driving – after he was arre­sted by two quick-th­inking off-duty poli­ce officers and an off-duty Auxiliary Po­lice Constable.


Yesterday shortly be­fore noon, Queens Di­strict RCMP received serious motor vehic­le-related complaints including a hit-an­d-run driver and a possible impaired dri­ver.


The investigation de­termined that a green Chevy Cavalier was driving erratically westbound on Hwy 3 in the Hunt’s Point area. The vehicle cr­ossed the centre line and sideswiped an oncoming vehicle, ca­using minor damage. The vehicle then con­tinued to a local re­sort complex.


At the complex, two off-duty police officers from the RCMP and the Wa­terloo Regional Poli­ce Service, as well as an Auxiliary Poli­ce Constable from To­ronto Police Service­s, saw the still-mov­ing vehicle and noti­ced that the driver appeared to be uncon­scious. One of the police officers was able to enter the veh­icle while it was in motion and put it into park. The three men then arrested the driver.


The driver faces the following charges:

  • Impaired Operation of a Motor Vehicle
  • Operating a Motor Ve­hicle with a Blood Alcohol Content in Ex­cess of 80 mg%
  • Failing to Remain at the Scene of a Coll­ision
  • Driving with a Revok­ed License
  • Driving without Insu­rance

He will appear in Br­idgewater Provincial Court on September 13, 2017 at 9:30 a.m.


The investigation co­ntinues.


Source: Media Release

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