Important notes

Morning ladies. I have a few quick notes today. Regular posts are back tomorrow as gym and Lost interfered my regular posting schedule last night, lol).

1. Blogger ate some of the blog comments last night, I’m so sorry. When I clicked on “new comments”, blogger said “no comments to moderate”, so I don’t know where they went. If you happened to leave me a comment last night, I wasn’t ignoring you, I just couldn’t see it. Can you try again please? Sorry!

2. Words on twitter is that Sally’s April special (starting tomorrow) is Buy 2 get 1 free nail polishes, all brands. This is probably their effort to ease the pain of increased prices.

I’ll do the math for you with this sale, for easy reference:
China Glaze was CAD3.99 before (with Sally card), so when you buy 3, they worked out to be CAD2.66 each.

With the new price (CAD5.49), they would be CAD3.66 each, when you buy 3.

Not bad of a sale, worth checking out, especially with the brands you have been lemming. Unfortunately, the China Glaze Poolside collection won’t be available at Sally until May. Let’s hope it makes it there a bit early, so we can get some for cheap.

Photo credit: Zerin posted about a Buy 2 get 1 Free sale that happened in April last year. Hope Sally maintains this pattern, as I am loving the sale 🙂

3. Balmshell, a Canadian cosmetic brand, is going to be on Beyond the Rack today, starting at 11am. I’m not posting any invite/ referral links, as I am not a member of Beyond the Rack (partly because their shipping cost: $9.95 in US, $11.95 for Canada and $45 for International), but if you are interested in checking this brand out and have some friends to split the cost, check out the sale. I don’t know any further details about it other than there’ll be a combo of lipgloss and stain with discounted price 🙂 Check out my Balmshell review to know more about their products.

As always, I don’t benefit from posting any sales on this blog, if you are wondering.

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