In A Blink

It seems like only yesterday that I, a bored insomniac in the third year of his degree, sat down in front of my computer at 2 AM and began to type aimlessly about my love of cooking shows and my hatred for that gigantic vertical favela, Fenwick Tower. Today I rolled out of bed, with fewer pounds around my mid-section and noticeable flecks of gray in my hair (not hyperbole), about to walk out the doors of the University of King’s College for the final time, as a student anyway. Where in God’s name did that time go? For those of you who didn’t notice, my guess is everybody, this is the one year anniversary of Hello City. A full year of memories, musings and pointless nostalgia. My “Celtic Hajj” to Scotland, my decision to pursue film making and even my pathetic attempts to grow a moustache have all been lovingly albeit shoddily chronicled in one place. Originally an excuse to improve my writing and to occupy myself during one of my then numerous spells of insomnia, this blog has become a useful way to reflect, vent, pontificate or simply make an ass out of myself for no good reason other than sheer boredom. I will admit that my posting has become far less frequent as of late, largely thanks to my heavy workload, but my enthusiasm for this blog hasn’t diminished. Far from it. With a considerable amount of free time and some travelling in my immediate future, I hope to improve not only this blog’s frequency but its content and tone as well. Some segments, like the Student Cuisine Guide, will unfortunately meet the axe. Though it has been a good filler in the past, the fact that I will soon not be a student necessitates its retirement. Another change will be the fact that this blog won’t be based out of Halifax, the city which inspired the song which in turn inspired the title and the original spirit of this mediocre publication. Whether this necessitates any serious changes, I’m not sure of at this time, but I can assure you that I’m not going to revert to that god awful red and white colour scheme from the short lived Hello City West. Whatever the future holds here’s hoping that the blog survives to see another birthday! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves however. In honour of this auspicious occasion I have cobbled together a brief retrospective of the year that was Hello City.

March Break Camps in Halifax

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