In Case You Were Wondering…

My “top secret” plans this morning was a trip to this place right here:


With an awesome friend…. who, I’m sure you’re all familiar with! 🙂

Yup, Angie and I decided to take the leap and and go to a Weight Watchers meeting.  We’d both been doing the same thing for so long (WW’s Online/calorie counting) and were no longer staying accountable or getting the desired results, so this was the next logical step.   I’ve been thinking for some time now that all I needed was a change and another type of support system to get to goal.  I’m proud to say that I recognized that and am taking a huge step to accomplish what I started 2.5 years ago. 

I knew that I’d gained about 10-12 lbs over the past several weeks, so it was no shock  that my WI result was 199.8 lbs. Not proud of that number at all; thankful it was under 200 lbs though. :)  It is what it is, I am definitely not happy about it and am doing what it takes to never see that number again.  I will be posting my WI each week after I get home, loss or gain.

So the meeting….

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I knew that I had to go in with an open mind. This may sound judgemental but one of the main reasons that I didn’t go sooner was because I know that I’m fairly well educated in the nutrition/food area and didn’t want to hear people go on and on about how wonderful diet pop and 100 calorie packs are.  This was my experience with the Weight Watcher’s Online Community and I quickly realized it wasn’t for me.  I am losing weight to be healthy not to be skinny, and there is a big difference.   I was pleasantly surprised though.  I really enjoyed the leader, Terry. She was pushing the healthy eating, water and activity, AND she seemed quite knowledgeable!  I expected a meeting with 10-15 people and I’m guessing there was at least 40 in the room.  I was nice to hear about other people’s struggles though, how their week was and see people getting recognized for their hard work.

We got sent home with plenty of information to go over…

So this is it.  I am committed and I’m giving it my all once again because I am worth it! Ang, you and I are going to finish this!!!!


After the meeting we had some fuel at Starbucks and then went out for some Santa Shuffle training.   We had lots to gab about and it didn’t even seem like a work out. :)  What a perfect way to spend a Saturday morning!   I’m hoping that for the upcoming Saturday’s the rest of the Halibloggers might want to schedule a weekly run.

Yup, so there…the cat’s out of the bag!

Canadian surfer Pete Devries has advanced into Round 5 of the O'Neill Cold Water Classic in Tofino, BC.

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Canadian surfer Pete Devries has advanced into the finals of the O'Neill Cold Water Classic in Tofino, BC.

Devries in finals…