In memorium – E.Lynn Harris

Successful popular fiction author E. Lynn Harris has passed away unexpectedly at 54 years of age.
Harris came to prominence in 1994 after his self published 1991 debut novel, Invisible Life, was discovered by a new york agent and subsequently became a hit. Harris went on to published a total of twelve books, including his memoir, What Becomes of the Broken Hearted.

Harris primarily wrote stories centred on successful black men with issues surrounding their sexuality. His ability to combine the vicarious thrills of glitz and glamour with more profound and serious issues, both entertained and provoked his readership. His willingness to write of gay and bisexual men help to open the doors for those similar minded writers who followed, as publishers could now definitely see the potential of this market.
NoveList has a very nice overview of his works, suggesting that new readers start with If this World Were Mine.

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