In Real Life

keep-calm-and-blog-on-rainy-days-1You miss me? You really miss me?!? I’ve heard from a few of my regulars that they have missed reading the blog. I’ve been on hiatus for a few weeks.

I could give you lots of excuses why, but the truth is: we’ve been having too much fun! Seriously. The girls and I have been at the beach almost everyday. The weather has been fantastic up until yesterday, that is! The last two days have been windy and rainy so I can finally buckle down and focus on work (#1) and my blog (#2).

Funny thing is… I have had very little interest in social media over the past few weeks. Just a few tweets on Twitter… a couple of pics on Facebook… that’s it.

And it feels great! Real life is getting in the way and I love it.

Don’t worry, there has been plenty of wine consumption going on… that hasn’t changed. Lots of campfires and laughs… and lots of stories for the blog in the future (rainy days)!

So here’s to summer! Get out and live now. Don’t wait. Do it.

STOP THE PRESSES!!! I wrote this about 3 hours ago before the real rain set in. You know the kind… where you don’t dare to go outside because you know what’s coming next… thunder and lightening. I’ve just spent the last 3 hours in all 32 feet of the trailer and I’ve been held hostage by a dog that is TERRIFIED of thunder and my two girls and their posse of friends.

I swear to God, they are like a pack of freakin hyenas running and jumping and talking above each other… it’s like a night with my book club (but without the wine so there’s no excuse). Then there is the sibling fighting of my girls… they are fighting over Minecraft… seriously! Over a video game…. jumped up jumpin’ Jesus. Somebody save me.

Why did I want to spend a summer with these wackos in a camping trailer? I must be out of my ever loving mind…

Guess I found my blogging mojo again… all it takes is a little stress and a little wine! Yes, I don’t care if it’s only Wednesday… if these children want to sleep in this trailer tonight than I am cracking a bottle right now.

Oh… and did I mention that my beloved is away at a golf tournament until SUNDAY?!? And the forecast is rain until then… someone better say a prayer for him and his body parts, STAT!

Please send wine!!!

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