Infant formula recalled over bacteria concerns

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has announced the recall of Enfamil’s Nutramigen A+ LGG Hypoallergenic infant formula due to the possible presence of Cronobacter sakazakii. This bacterium, while not commonly linked to human illness, can cause severe or even fatal infections, particularly in newborns. The infection risks include rare bloodstream and central nervous system infections, as well as severe intestinal infection (necrotizing enterocolitis) and blood poisoning (sepsis).

The recalled products include two variations of the Nutramigen A+ LGG Hypoallergenic infant formula. One is a 561 g package with the UPC 0 56796 00498 2, and the other is a pack of four, each 561 g, with the UPC 0 56796 90498 5. Both products share the same expiry date of 01-JA-2025 and batch number 0704376 (ZL3FVY).

The CFIA advises consumers who have purchased these products not to consume, use, sell, serve, or distribute them. They should be either thrown out or returned to the place of purchase. It’s important to note that food contaminated with Cronobacter sakazakii may not exhibit any noticeable spoilage in terms of appearance or smell.

This recall was initiated by Mead Johnson Nutrition (Canada) Co. and, as of the time of the announcement, there have been no reported illnesses associated with the consumption of these products. However, the CFIA is conducting a thorough food safety investigation, which may potentially lead to the recall of other products. They are also ensuring that the industry removes the recalled products from the marketplace.


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