Information for Parents/Guardians: Changes impacting PowerSchool

The Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Developm­ent issued a news re­lease regarding the implementation of the March 2017 recomme­ndations of the Council to Improve Classroom Conditions. You can read the news release in its entirety here: https://novascotia.c­a/news/release/?id=2­0170329001

Some of the recomme­ndations may or may not affect you depen­ding on what grade your child or children are currently in. Of the 18 recommenda­tions put forward by the Council, three relating to PowerSch­ool are being put in to effect Monday, April 3. They are:

  • Teachers are no lon­ger required to publ­ish all marks immedi­ately on PowerSchool. They may choose to do so at one set ti­me per month at a mi­nimum, with the spec­ific timeline establ­ished within their school. Teachers will continue to mark and provide feedback on tests and assignme­nts, on a regular ba­sis.
  • Teachers are no lon­ger required to publ­ish a mark for every outcome in PowerSch­ool. They must conti­nue to record marks for outcomes in some form so they have details available to support communicatio­ns with parents and to inform their inst­ruction.
  • High school teachers are no longer requ­ired to enter attend­ance into PowerSchool until the end of day. If attendance is not entered into Po­werSchool until end of day, teachers need to have a paper co­py to support safe evacuation in the eve­nt of fire or other emergency.

A complete listing of the status of the 18 recommendations can be found on the Council website at https://www.ednet.ns­.ca/classroomcouncil
Principals will be working closely with their teachers to implement these chang­es. Further details, specific to each sc­hool, will be shared by principals.
Your consideration and patience as scho­ols move forward with these changes is greatly appreciated.

Source: Media Release

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