Injured man found bleeding now uncooperative with police

On March 2nd, 2021 at approximately 4:20 pm, Bridgewater Police Service Patrol officers responded to a call for an injured adult male on Old Bridge Street, Bridgewater. Shortly after, Bridgewater Police Service located an injured male inside a local business.

The male had minor injuries to his upper body and was treated by EHS before being transported to South Shore Regional Hospital for treatment. The injuries were consistent with past investigations involving edged weapons. The injured male has since been released from hospital after receiving treatment for minor injuries.

The injured male has not cooperated with the investigation or provided details of what happened. After investigating the matter in depth, it cannot be confirmed where or what occurred. Investigators believe that the injuries where sustained near the neighbouring businesses of Old Bridge Street and South Shore Centre between 3:30 and 4:20 pm. Based on investigative details, location and time of day Police believe that there should be additional witnesses to this incident. There is no known threat to the community. Please contact Bridgewater Police Service or Crimestoppers if you have information that could assist in this ongoing investigation.

Source: Release #notw

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