Innovative Brunch Indulgences at The Costal Cafe

Brunch is my favorite dining experience – there, I said it! I love everything about the brunch – it’s the perfect opportunity to eat steak with eggs, drink champagne before noon and have your dessert first. Yes, brunch allows you the opportunity to choose savoury or sweet, cure the night before hangover and get a good buzz going for the day.
There are a few great brunch options in Halifax, but my favorite is definitely The Coastal Cafe on Robbie Street. Chef Mark Giffen has a gift – of combining good quality ingredients to create stellar, intriguing meals that are not your standard Eggs Benny…although I’m sure his would be kick-ass too if he made them. As a person who eats out a fair amount and who counts eggs as one of my ‘Top 5 Must Have To Live Foods’, brunch at the Coastal is always a treat, as I’m sure to be surprised, seduced and stuffed by the menu’s offerings.
Take for example, The Durty South, a combination of several comfort foods piled together on a plate of sweet and savoury, saucy and chewy goodness. Nestled in the bottom of the bowl was a bed of sweet, earthy baked beans and chunks of sweet potato, topped with 2 fried eggs and a pile of smokey, tender pulled pork. Adding to this dish of delight was some golden buttery cornbread.
Les Oeufs d’Automne – my friend’s meal and my second choice – consisted of a decadent combo: poached eggs, crisp bacon, roasted parsnip, sweet maple syrup, tangy goat cheese, pecans and crisp, toasted baguette.
I have to admit – this blog post is a bit delayed and the menu items have been slightly altered. However, I hope the photos and description of these dishes will lead you to the sunny yellow awning over The Coastal’s door. This place tempts your tastebuds with some fantastic meals that you won’t soon forget!
Durty South
Baked Beans, Fried Eggs, BBQ Pulled Pork and Cornbread

Mmmm Cornbread
You can even see the pieces of corn – no mix here folks!

Les Oeufs d’Automne
Poached Eggs, Bacon, Roasted Parsnip, Pecans, Goat Cheese




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