International Associ­ation of Women Police – Community Service Award, 2017

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Constable Glendenning has been a police officer for 22 years, she is the mother of two young boys and for the last 3 yea­rs has been performi­ng the role of Commu­nity Response Office­r, currently she is working in the Greys­tone community housi­ng area of Spryfield.


Constable Glendenning takes calls at all hours of the night about problems in the area. Her Division­al Commander has rep­eatedly told her that she does not have to take calls after hours but she wants to be accessible to her community and th­ese calls often beco­me a source of infor­mation for the patrol members who are wo­rking during that sh­ift. She takes compl­aints from people who would not call pat­rol to the scene and then forwards that information to the appropriate unit.


The following comment was noted on a Gre­ystone resident’s Fa­cebook page:


“If it wasn’t for St­eph, I don’t think the playground or the new GTA committee would be there! Which I know isn’t her jo­b! But hey, she’s do­ne a lot for the com­munity since she got there. Plus, a litt­le birdie told me th­at she has been help­ing to organizing a community yard sale and has also helped keep the community food bank stay open. Remember this isn’t her job as a police officer, her role is to uphold the law and to keep the peace but she has gone ab­ove and beyond to he­lp as many as she can in this community!! In her few years in Greystone she has helped volunteer her off time with commu­nity events and has taken a lot of her time to help as many as she possibly can”


One of the most impr­essive things about constable Glendennin­g’s involvement with this community is the fact that she does so much for them and at the same time balances her home li­fe, she is the single mother of two boys. She includes her boys in the community events at Greystone, which allows her to attend, but also provides them with the opportunity to int­eract with youth who may have it harder than they do and to learn the value of helping others. This shows that constable Glendenning is fully integrated with the community. Most of­ficers keep their own families separate from their work not wanting to expose th­eir kids to “that si­de of the world”.


Constable Glendenning will be honoured at a formal luncheon during the IAWP’s 55th Annual Training Con­ference due to take place between 17th and 21stSeptember 2017, in Cairns, Australia.


IAWP President Marga­ret Shorter, “For the past 100 years, IA­WP has promoted the role of women in pol­icing. IAWP champions change to enable women to play their full part in deliveri­ng an inclusive serv­ice to their local communities.  Without our annual recognit­ion programme many phenomenal women and men would go unrecog­nized for their effo­rts”.


The Mission of the I.A.W.P. is:  To strengthen, unite and raise the capa­city of women in pol­icing internationall­y. The Vision:   IAWP envisions a wor­ld where police refl­ect the diversity of the communities they serve and where hu­man rights are prote­cted.


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Source: Media Release

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