International Women’s Day: Can You Help ?

International Women’s Day: Can You Help ? Today is International Women’s Day! It is a day to think about women around the world who may have different struggles then we do. It is a day to be reminded of the great things women have done.

The words “We have come a long way baby” come to mind.

Yet even with as far as we have come there are so many women who lead very difficult lives today. Let’s think of them.

Last fall I was introduced to a great organization that is doing so excellent work at the ShesConnected Conference. One of the sessions was about social good. There are many great organizations that are doing great things but this one spoke to my heart. SAFE Stove’s rose to speak about the women of Sri Lanka, who many die simply gathering firewood because the area around their homes are filled with landmines, and they can not afford the fuel prices for a propane stove. This is also played out many times in other parts of the world as well and could you imagine dying simply because you want to cook your family a meal? We were told that for a mere $5 a woman could receive a stove through the UN World Food Programme.

At the ShesConnected  Conference when she shared what could be done with a mere $5 there was a moment in time as one blogger stood and was so excited to give her $5. You see that blogger had been homeless just a couple of years ago, and is still struggling money wise but she was excited, it was palpable really.  We gathered enough money to buy many stoves but there is still work to be done.

About the stoves themselves, they are manufactured in Sri Lanka to help the economy and the stoves help these women in many ways.  This is about saving a life, and empowering women, what a great way to help this International Women’s Day. If you simply have $5 you can give please do so, it will change a woman’s life. You can donate here.

The World Food Programme does great work, and you can register to receive there newsletter here and you can even tweet with them here. They are the largest organization in the world fighting to stop hunger and empower women, lets support them today.



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