Intstagram Halifax

Having fun with Instagram recently, I’ve only just started …. you can follow me if you’d like AliceinParis1. Here are some pics of things I see frequently.
The image above is a door on Barrington Street in a building that is about to be demolished soon next to where I have my studio. Such cooll graffiti. 
Below is another view of Barrington St. near my studio.

One of my morning  views at Point Pleasant Park

Standing outside the Burrito shop looking towards Barrington Street

One of the workers outside my studio window!

View from coffee shop Just Us looking  to Barrington as I wait to be served.

The burrito shop

Another early morning at the park where I walk

I’m on the corner, second floor from the top:)

One of my views…looking east.

Early morning view from the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market, Georges Island.


Dancing For Our Stars – Marilyn Purdy

September 22nd is Hobbit Day

September 22nd is Hobbit Day