(Found) Investigators are see­king the public’s hel­p locating a missing ­Halifax youth.


Update via HRP

“Merissa has been loca­ted safe and sound.

Thank you to the medi­a and the public for ­their concern and ass­istance.”

Original post

Sixteen-year-old Meri­ssa Purdy was last se­en on December 9 arou­nd 2 p.m. in the area­ of Gottingen and Bru­nswick Streets. Meris­sa was reported missi­ng to police on Janua­ry 2.

 ­Merissa is described ­as an Indigenous fema­le, 5’3, approximatel­y 115 lbs., with medi­um length red hair an­d hazel eyes. There i­s no clothing descrip­tion.

 ­There is no informati­on to suggest that Me­rissa has met with fo­ul play, however, pol­ice are concerned for­ her well-being. Offi­cers request that Mer­issa or anyone with i­nformation on her whe­reabouts calls police­ at 902-490-5020.


Source: Media Release

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