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Investor Watch Regarding Foreign Currency Exchange (Forex/FX) Trading

Today, the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) issued an investor watch to make investors aware of the significant risks involved in foreign currency exchange (Forex/FX) investments. Investors who trade Forex are also warned against dealing with unregistered firms offering Forex trading. Forex trading can be complex, volatile and extremely risky and should only be entered into if investors are aware of the risks and prepared to lose their investment.  Investors are advised to get expert advice from a registered professional before participating in Forex trading or purchasing a Forex-related investment. Investors should be aware of the potential for fraud and avoid offers to trade Forex associated with any of these characteristics: –          a guarantee of little or no risk and high investment returns; –          dealers or brokers that are not registered with the provincial or territorial securities commissions, and typically are based outside of Canada where it can be difficult or impossible to protect or retrieve funds; –          an unwillingness to discuss the past performance or track record of the specialist traders who will purportedly handle their money; –          an unwillingness to identify specialist traders or traders located in offshore jurisdictions who will purportedly handle their money; and/ or –          high-pressure sales techniques to buy a Forex investment, to purchase software or take courses related to Forex trading. The CSA have published a detailed document describing Forex and the various risks associated with this type of investment and has created a Forex resource page on its website, www.securities-administrators.ca .  Investors can verify online whether an adviser and their firm are registered through the CSA’s National Registration Search. Related posts:Gold bullion and currency scams – Top 10 Investor Traps of 2009 The price of gold is high, and as a result,…Investing Online II: Dick and Jane and insider trading Dick* works for a small technology company on Canada’s East…Leveraged Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) Leveraged ETFs were named among the most problematic on the…Investor Alert, Securities Commission Investigating Seisma Oil Nova Scotia Securities Commission August 18, 2011 10:34 AM The…Beware illegal foreign lottery scams It may just be the time of year. Everyone is…Share & Bookmark This Story! Bookmark on Delicious StumbleUpon Google BookmarksTip’d

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