Invitation to attend ATCMANS conference

On behalf of the Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Association of Nova Scotia (ATCMANS), we wish to extend to you an invitation to our upcoming event, the first annual Canadian Conference on Acupuncture and Natural Healing, being held at 1306 Bedford Highway, Bedford.

The conference will be held on July 9 and 10.

The focus of the Conference is cancer care. Cancer is Atlantic Canada’s number one health concern given its prevalence and its spiralling costs ‐ financial, social and emotional. Until a cure is found there is a need for a medicine that builds immunity while nourishing body and soul, and reducing the physical and emotional pain. Acupuncture and complementary medicine help meet these needs.

Right now the Canadian Medical Association is pushing for health‐care reform through a series of public forums. The Conference is providing complementary medicine and supporters of integrative medicine their own forum on tomorrow’s medicine and how it could work for cancer care.

For more information please visit www.acupuncture, click on conference tab.


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