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iPhoneography: Perfect Day

If you’ve been reading my blog lately, you’ll know that March hasn’t been the easiest. Returning to work, Starting daycare, Sick days, Car accident, … I am just so ready for this month to be over with. And this week I seriously believed I had hit rock bottom and gotten a hypothetical concussion in the process.

So today’s iPhoneography is going to tell you about my perfect day, an amalgamation of the bright spots of my week. Different moments from different days that will remind me that I am so blessed, even when life seems to be kicking my butt.

The worst part of my days by far has been when I am alone because that is when my anxiety has an opportunity to attack. My walks to and from the ferry as I traveled between home and work had to be full of positive mantras and prayer just to keep be going. So I can’t tell you how thankful I was one day this week to have my husband and ridiculously cute son walk me to the ferry one morning.

That same morning, as I crossed from Dartmouth to Halifax, I was bombarded by beauty as the sun shone on the water that glistened around and under us. Sometimes a little sunlight makes everything feel slightly better.

On Friday, once my work week was over, I found myself at Starbucks grabbing a treat. Caramel and caffeine was just want I needed.

Coming home is always a bright part of my day. Knowing that I get to kiss my husband and snuggle my son just brings a smile to my face, even as I’m five minutes from home. It puts a bounce in my step and ensures that I’m the fastest walker on the sidewalk. My family. They are my light.

Bed. Although settling down for the night means an end to getting things done, I always love that feeling of finally finishing the day. And trust me, there were so many days this week I was ready to be done with. I look forward to the moment at the end of the day when I can let my body relax, smother it in a thick, warm blanket, and feel the sturdy body of my husband beside me. There is a consistency about going to bed that comforts me. My time. Finally. My time to read. My time to relax. My time to be a wife.

Good night. Good night to a perfect day with a perfect family.

Have you been snapping your perfect day with your mobile device? Do you want to see more iPhoneography? iPhone not (necessarily) required. Head on over to Perfect Imperfections.
Almost all photos were edited using the Instagram app. Are you on Instagram? Find me! My handle is Mompants. Can’t wait to see you there!


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