Is Frugal an F Word?

Is Frugal an F Word?

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This past weekend I was at a blogging conference, and I found myself refusing to label myself a frugal blogger. As I sat and really thought about it more, it is because even still I think of frugal as cheap and there is a huge difference between frugal and cheap and it is all in the mindset.

All weekend and even now I consider myself a smart consumer. Even when sitting down for dinner with Gail Vazoxlade, who many of you know I consider a money mentor, I again used the word smart consumer. But really, I was treating the word frugal as if it were a swear word and it is not.

A frugal minded  person has an attitude about money, spending, saving, and more precisely, where saving makes the biggest difference. They are the one who will save and buy something of value instead of buying solely on price. You know the frugal minded person may shop at the dollar store, but they will often save so they can buy something they know will last, and that is smart. I do this on a regular basis.

Frugal people know how things tally up, and know when to skip cents for bigger savings (like furniture, cars, things you need every day).

A frugal minded person thinks and gets more for their money. They are smart and know the  gimmicks and scams, they are the best shoppers and know how to compare prices, use coupons, promo codes and are never afraid to ask if there is a way they can do better.

Cheap people are always counting their pennies because they don’t know the  basic money rules. Cheap people need instruction. I was a cheap, when I was didn’t have an income, when I was that welfare mom. I needed money instruction, and I am glad I got some strong money lessons they have helped me to gain wisdom, and the strength to make better money choices.

Cheap and frugal are not one in the same, I am seeing that more clearly now, and I can say I am frugal and a smart savvy consumer too.




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