Is It the First Time Facing Shoplifting Charges? Seek a Criminal Lawyer’s Help!

It can be psychologically and practically damaging if you are accused of shoplifting, and this is the first time you are dealing with any such incident. Such matters need proper handling. After all, your education, job, family, and social life will be at stake. The consequences of the conviction and criminal records are already known, but shoplifting charges alone can be enough to ruin your everyday life. For the police to take action in these areas, just one statement from the security guard can be enough that you stole or had intent to steal the item. The law enforcement agency can decide to press shoplifting charges even if they have no clear evidence against the accused suggesting that he could take the item and leave without paying for it.

Many overlook first-time charges’ gravity, assuming they won’t have significant repercussions. It is a dangerous misconception. Any criminal charges, regardless of their validity, can negatively impact your life. That’s why it’s crucial to engage a local Brampton criminal lawyer as soon as possible. Their legal expertise and understanding can provide the protection you need. Let’s delve into why seeking legal help is a critical step in this process.

  • Effects of the first-time shoplifting charges

The police or store’s security guard can try to convince you that the first incident of shoplifting charges against anyone may not mean much. But don’t listen to them. Even those facing the exact charges may have to leave their jobs for good. It can be a standard process for them to charge someone for shoplifting, but it may not be that simple for the accused. You cannot fully reverse the negative impact of the shoplifting ever from your life, even if it was your first time. Once charged, you will never be able to say that you never faced any charges for a criminal offence, been fingerprinted, or arrested before. You may have just been detained and not arrested; still, you cannot entirely deny the arrest part. And it’s just the beginning.

It will threaten your plans around career, travel, and immigration. Suppose you apply for permanent residency in the US. You have to fill out an immigration application, which will ask you to mention any previous charges you faced. Or, you want to do something in nursing, law, medicine, etc. All these need licensing in Canada. These also require disclosure of charges. Hence, you must have realized why going through charges is not good. Only an expert and dedicated criminal lawyer in Brampton can show you the correct path and save you. So, consider going for legal consultation before it’s too late.

  • Additional information

Most first-time shoplifters believe that the police record of their first-time charges is destroyed, while all the details remain in federal law enforcement’s CPIC system. The database may not have public access, but lawmakers and protectors in the US, Canada, and other countries can view it. Your fingerprint and details of your contacts will also be stored.

So, don’t assume you have a clean CPIC record just because it was your first shoplifting charge. Even the criminal records of the people who were pardoned, acquitted, or whose charges were withdrawn stay intact. That’s why you must always be alert and act appropriately.

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