Is New Bedford Cannibalizing Old Bedford?

Date: 2012.09.28 | Category: Reviews, Shopping Pockets, Wasted Spaces | Tags: BedfordI took a look around Bedford...

Date: 2012.09.28 | Category: Reviews, Shopping Pockets, Wasted Spaces | Tags: Bedford

I took a look around Bedford today, Larry Uteck is booming Son Vida & Hamachi  Vida, Ontario chains Pizza Pizza and Coffee Culture. A new Shoppers, Sobeys, Good Life, Fast Fuel and lots more popping up. Over at Bedford Commons from the WalMart that opened a couple years ago, now there is a new Canadian Tire, Wicker Emporium, FuturesShop, SportsBox a specialty sports themed barber  for guys and Sharky’s a specialty hair cutting place for kids, A PetSmart is to open this fall and of course in both areas there is a shiny new Tim Hortons.

Down on Bedford Highway it’s a slightly different story there are still plenty of businesses but there are also lots of available spaces and inside Sunnyside Mall there is a slew of open retail space the mall is at least 1/3 open, same over at Bedford Place Mall but there are renovation plans over there to herald in the arrival of Target next year.  There was a bright spot I really like the redevelopment of 1248 Bedford Hwy and the new Bicycles Plus location really great job. The abandoned Wendys really leaves a bad mark on the look of the neighbourhood.

That’s the problem for every new store that is opening in Larry Uteck and Bedford Commons there seems to be an equal amount of square footage in traditional Bedford.


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