Is Online Betting Legal in Canada?

Betting is one of the most ancient activities that humans used to love. We can get evidence of betting from the historic ages where people used to bet on live games and fighting games. Sometimes the fighting games used to take place between a man and a wild animal also. In the modern days, the picture and characteristics of betting have changed a lot and now they have entered into the online arena. Basically, these betting games are played on the live gaming events and you can access the streams sitting at your drawing-room.

Background of Online Betting in Canada

Online betting activities have flourished in recent years as the world has become a global market. Due to increased advertisements, the visibility of the markets has increased a lot and the accessibility has also increased due to the comprehensive use of the internet by the users. Several data from different countries indicate that the prevalence of online betting games has doubled in the last 20 years. Almost 95% of the wagers are placed online which indicates that the expansion of the game in the online platform has grabbed a huge speed throughout the country. It is evident that every year the amount of total wagers is increasing in geometric progression and the amount crosses almost 4 million USD each year. Though online betting activities have been legalized to some extent in the country, still there are some issues and prohibitions about online gambling.


Online betting is very much popular in the country of Canada. Almost all the sports fans try to wager in the betting games. Due to the huge publicity, there are different online betting operators in the country and they are doing well in their business. Bodog, 5Dimes, Sports Interaction, etc are the best betting sites of the country who are having a good reputation for their services. Many of the new operators have also entered into the business and thus they have thrown a good competition to the older ones.

Is it Legal in Canada?

Online betting is very popular among people in Canada. They have a very long and rich history of online gambling. Online gambling has been legalized after a very long procedure from the end of the gambling lovers and the operators of the country. In this country, you can easily take part in these betting games if you are more than 19 years of age. This is the result of the hard work by the citizens after 1969 as, before this, sports gambling or placing wagers against any sports event were illegal as per the law of this country. The operators not only accept wagers from the people of Canada, but there are provisions to accept wagers from people outside the country also. The only condition to follow is that the online betting operating companies must follow the regulations of the Kahnawake Gambling Commission in case of foreign online wagers. There are many companies that are well established due to their online gambling business being regulated in foreign countries. It is quite evident that when you think of placing a wager in online betting in Canada, then you may feel unsure about the company. So it is advised that you must see the existence of the company in the country and if it is more than 3 years then it is ok to put your bet there.

Some Regulatory Words

Though online betting Canada is legalized, there are still some legal prohibitions that work behind the business. To define the legalities of online betting in Canada, the Criminal Code of Canada is formed and all have to abide by these codes. It deals with what are the exact activities that you can do to bet online and what exact activities are prohibited. You can get the exact laws under part 7 of the criminal code. There are some betting commissions which are made to regulate the online betting activities throughout the country as well as outside the country. They have set a set of standards to get the legal license of online gamble gaming. The residents of the Canadian province are fully allowed to play at any of the websites that operate under the regulations of the Kahnawake gaming commission. The online sportsbook which is functional under this commission offers you huge options for gaming. Almost 250 online gambling sites are there throughout Canada that operates under this commission.

Sporting Events that are Popular to Gamble Upon

Most of the sporting events that are popular in Canada and surrounding countries are allowed to bet on through the online betting sites. But as per the data and statistics collected from the gaming websites, football has been proved to be the most popular game to bet on. Most of the bookmakers basically target their existing and potential customers showing them the opportunities to be able to put their wager in different betting markets. You can see a significant increase in login by the customers before the football seasons each year. CFL is a smaller division of the games that the bookmakers target but it too gets a good reply in terms of receiving wagers during the season.

  • Basketball

Another very popular sport in Canada is Basketball. One of the most adored games throughout the country and the players there get the star treatment from the spectators. The NBA tournament is one of the most adored events by the bookmakers and the gamblers to bet on.

  • Hockey

It is another popular game in Canada and the NHL is another very special tournament for the bookmakers to target to make their business flourish. There are several teams from Canada which participate regularly in this tournament. Some of the teams have huge fan followings like the Vancouver Canucks and the Montreal Canadians. 

  • Baseball

In place of cricket, baseball is more popular among Canadians. Huge fan following of this game makes the event one of the most eligible sporting events for the online gamblers. MLB playoffs are the most popular Canadian tournament of Baseball.

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