it isn’t easy being green…

Oh, yes it is!

This is the hot new color for spring. Bold, saturated colors are always trendy in the spring. Makes sense doesn’t it?! Green is fresh, new, and exciting…just like spring. And it’s everywhere right now.

It’s the perfect shade to refresh your room…any room, really. It looks wonderful with whites, beautiful with browns, and gorgeous with grays.

If you are really bold, try painting a wall this color. Or go for an accent piece of furniture in this ultra-fun shade.

For the less daring, a few well placed accessories like a couple of throw cushions, a vase or two, or some vintage (or vintage inspired) glass gems will reinvigorate and liven up your space. Some new bedding that incorporates this color would also do the trick!

So go on, don’t be shy…go green!

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